Dr. Asha Smriti Mahavidyalaya

Affiliated to Lucknow University


The college building is situated on Deva Road on a piece of land measuring 1.397 hectares. The land is registered in the name of Dr. Asha Smriti Mahavidyalaya. The building has sufficient infrastructural facilities, including Principal's Office, College Office, Library, Lecture rooms, Tutorial rooms, Laboratories, Girls' Common Room, Canteen, toilets, Playground, etc.

The details are given below:

1. Land   1.397 hectares
Situated on main Deva Road, Lucknow
Registered in favour of Mahavidyalaya
2. Constructed Portion    
a. Principal Room 1 450 Sq feet
b. Principal's Steno Room 1 136 Sq feet
c. College Office 1 450 Sq feet
d. Library 1 2,000 Sq feet
e. Lecturer Rooms 7 997 Sq feet each
f. Tutorial Room 3 490 Sq feet each
g. Lecture Rooms 2 490 Sq feet each
3. Lab    
a. Psychology Lab 1 491 Sq feet
b. Education Technology 1 486 Sq feet
c. Science Lab 1 489 Sq feet
d. Computer Lab 1 997 Sq feet
e. Computer Lab 1 486 Sq feet
4. Girls Common Room 1 265 Sq feet
5. Canteen 1 500 Sq feet
6. Toilets    
a. Toilet Ground floor (Principal) 1 46 Sq feet
b. Toilet Ground floor (General) 2 242 Sq feet
c. Toilet Girls Common Room 2 80 Sq feet each
d. Toilet first floor 1 170 Sq feet
7. Gallery ground floor 1 2,500 Sq feet
8. Gallery first floor 1 1,500 Sq feet
9. Gallery second floor 1 1,060 Sq feet
10. Play Ground 1 50,000 Sq feet
11. Store Room 2 800 Sq feet each


There is a well-equipped biology lab with specimens of heart, brain, liver, kidney, stomach, eye, ear and lungs. A complete human skeleton is also available in addition to microscopes, slides and chemicals. Multiple sets of science apparatus are available for demonstration of experiments prescribed in the secondary school syllabus.

Games and Sports

The Mahavidyala has sprawling grounds and equipment for various field and indoor sports.

Mahavidyalaya Library

There are 3,500 books and journals in the library. Besides the latest texts on the science and art of teaching, these include books on medicine, sports, religion, spirituality, administration, fiction, general knowledge, world politics, information and broadcasting.